Mawdoo (fabricated) Hadeeth No:18

“I asked my Lord about that which my Companions would disagree about after me, so Allaah inspired me: O Muhammad! Your Companions are to Me of the station of the stars in the sky – some are brighter than others; so whoever takes from any of them in those matters where they have differed, then to Me, he is upon guidance.”

Mawdoo` (Fabricated). Reported by Ibn Battah in al-Ibaanah [4/11/2], Khateeb, Nizam al-Malik in al-Amaali [13/2], Diyaa’ in al-Muntaqaa `an Masmoo`aatihi bimaroo [116/2] & Ibn `Asaakir [6/303/1] by way of:

Nu`aim ibn Hammaad, who said: `Abdur-Raheem ibn Zaid narrated to us from his father from Sa`eed ibn al-Musayyib from `Umar ibn al-Khattaab from the Prophet .

This isnaad is mawdoo’: Nu`aim ibn Hammaad is weak:  Ibn Hajar said, “He makes many mistakes.”

About `Abdur-Raheem ibn Zaid al-`Ammee, al-Bukhaari said, “He was abandoned”; Abu Haatim said, “His ahaadeeth are abandoned: he is unacceptable in hadeeth – he used to undermine his father by narrating disasters from him”; Ibn Ma`een said, “He was an utter, filthy liar.”

About his father, Zaid al-`Ammi ibn al-Hawaaree, Ibn Sa`d said, “He was weak in hadeeth.”

Suyooti recorded this hadeeth in al-Jaami` as-Sagheer through the narration of Sijizzi in al-Ibaanah and Ibn `Asaakir from `Umar; Manaawi said in his commentary on al-Jaami` as-Sagheer :

Ibn al-Jawzi said in his al-`Ilal, “This is not authentic. Nu`aim has been disparaged; Ibn Ma`een has described `Abdur-Raheem as an utter liar; it says in al-Meezaan: This hadeeth is false.”


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