Mawdoo (fabricated) Hadeeth No:16 “The example of my Companions is that of the stars: he who follows any of them will be rightly-guided.”

Mawdoo` (Fabricated). Related by Qudaa`i (109/2) via:

Ja`far ibn `Abdul Waahid, who said: Wahb ibn Jareer ibn Haazim informed us from his father from al-A`mash from Abu Salih from Abu Hurairah from The Prophet

One of the muhadditheen, either Ibn al-Muhibb or Dhahabi, wrote in the margin, “This hadeeth is not at all authentic”, i.e. it is fabricated: the flaw in it is Ja`far here, about whom Daaraqutni said, “He used to fabricate ahaadeeth”; Abu Zur`ah said, “He narrated baseless ahaadeeth”; Dhahabi gave some hadeeth because of which he disparaged him, among them being this one, and then said, “This is one of his calamities!”


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