The memory of Shaikh ‘Ubaid (may Allah preserve him)

Shaykh Falaah went on to mention a beautiful story of when he, himself was a student at the Islamic University. He mentioned that he went to visit Shaykh Ubayd at the Fatwaa Committee office along with a group of students from Kuwait. He met Shaykh Ubayd and introduced himself. Shaykh Falaah mentioned that although he wanted to visit the Fatwaa Committee again, he didn’t have the opportunity for the period of two whole years, due to him being busy with his studies. However after that period of two years he had to opportunity to visit them once again. He mentioned that when he entered upon Shaykh Ubayd, Shaykh Falaah said “As-Salaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmaatullaah.” Shaykh Ubayd stood up and said “Wa ‘alaykumus Salaam wa Rahmaatullaah O Falaah O Ibn Isma’eel!” Shaykh Falaah said that he was amazed that he had only sat with him once for 15 minutes and then didn’t see Shaykh Ubayd again for two years and even though Shaykh Ubayd is blind, he still recognised his voice after that period of time.

“So he is blind and only recognised me from my voice! Shaykh ibn Baaz placed him in charge of the Fatwaa Committee… So fear Allaah o servant of Allaah, he is from the closest of people to Shaykh ibn Baaz, from the closest of people to Shaykh Ameen ash-Shanqeeti may Allaah have mercy upon them…”


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